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    MonAug272012 ByDavid PohlmeierTaggedCompany News

    Recently, iMinistries has put a more focused effort on how we'd like churches and ministries to view us. We'd like to share this vision with you.

    At our core, we're a bunch of guys who love Jesus and truly want to serve the Lord in all the work we do. We love the churches and ministries we work with and appreciate the relationships that have been formed. Through these relationships, we've seen the amazing things that Christ has done in so many shapes and forms. 

    We've realized that a website for a church or ministry is more than "just a website." A successful website is a collection of stories that tell about your community and share God's love within your church or ministry. We've done some research that shows what makes for a healthy online presence, and this presence is dependent on you effectively sharing your story.

    Engaging an audience with your story can be achieved by utilizing all the great features in our CMS and participating in various social media networks. We make all that easy and affordable. Plus, we've got the knowledge and experience necessary to help you tell your church or ministry story along the way.

    Taking all this into consideration, moving forward, our mission statement is ...


    An engaging online presence for churches and ministries is created through storytelling. Stories that minister, stories that teach, stories that connect, and stories that share God’s love. iMinistries Church Website CMS is built to help share your story through integrated communication features that are affordable, secure, and easy to manage.

    If you've got any stories to share with us about how your website has impacted your community and told your story, we'd love to hear it. Please share them with us in the comments below or send us a message.

    We love the story that Pastor Brian Edwards shared with us about his church using the website to connect with a soldier from his church serving in Afghanistan:

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