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    How Buffer Shifted Me From a Social Consumer to Social Sharer

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    MonJan92012 ByTravis HickoxTaggedSocial Media

    I am a former Hootsuite user and social consumer. Now I've become a social sharer. All because of my switch to Buffer.

    When I began to use Buffer a few weeks ago, I made the shift from being someone who only reads tweets to someone who wants to provide useful content and interact with people through tweets.

    How It Works

    I don't know if this happens to you, but when I find one item online that I want to share, I often find five. We all know that it isn't a good idea to blast out everything that you find all at once because it is a sure way to lose followers. That's why using something like Hootsuite is a great tool because it gives you the ability to space out your tweets. However, due to my workload, I don't really have time to log into Hootsuite and schedule a tweet.

    Buffer, on the other hand, gives me the ability to click a button and add a tweet in a second. I don't have to log in to anything, I just hit a button and "bam" ... it's done. I also don't have to configure a date or time for my tweet to go out. That piece is already configured in my account settings inside of Buffer.

    I have gone from finding items online and wanting to share, but not sharing due to fear of becoming annoying, to being able to load up tweets, knowing that only four are going to go out in a given day. I like having the opportunity to point out new things, promote our growing company, and promote others.

    Must Have Plugins

    After I signed up to use Buffer, I immediately installed their plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Twitter. Doing this made my experience that much better. If you are interested in trying their service out, I highly recommend doing this too.

    Signing Up

    If you are interested in trying Buffer, do us both a favor and sign up using this Buffer referral link. By doing so, we both gain the ability to add an extra post to our Buffer.

    Does Buffer interest you? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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