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    Facebook and Your Ministry: Creating a Like Page

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    MonNov82010 ByBryan YoungTaggedSocial Media
    Unless you've been living under a rock the past few years, you've heard of Facebook. And unless you have a good reason not to, you have your own Facebook profile. But how can you utilize Facebook to spread the word about your ministry? We'll seek to answer that very question in this entry.

    Facebook as a Supplement to Your Website

    Facebook isn't just a website to post pictures, keep up with high school friends, and remember your uncle Donald's birthday. It is a powerful tool for mass communication. Over 400 million people worldwide are active users. Where else can you reach this large of an audience? And for free?

    Facebook allows for you to create a "page" for your church or ministry. This page can be the host of updates by you like pictures, news items, and posts from your website blog. Other users can follow these updates and post their own messages on your page's wall. You can gain more followers by linking your page from your website, from your Twitter feed, or by sending invitations for users to "Like" your ministry.

    Develop a Strategy

    Before you create your Facebook page, it's important to develop a strategy for how you plan to use it. Here are popular ways for using Facebook:
    • Fostering and encouraging dialogue
    • Make more people aware of your blog or Twitter feed
    • Advertise latest news and events
    • Post photos and video of recent or upcoming events
    • Link to sermons on your website

    Creating a Page

    To create a page, navigate to the Create a Page section and follow these steps:
    1. Select the "Brand, product, or organization" radio button and "Religious Organization" from the drop down menu.
    2. Type in the name of your ministry next to "Page Name."
    3. Check the box notifying Facebook that you are the official representative for you organization and review the terms.
    4. Click "Create Official Page"
    5. Edit your page setting by clicking "Edit Page." Here you can add or remove page applications like Photos, Discussion Boards, Links, Video, Notes, Events, and more. Use your strategy to determine which applications to add and which are not necessary. Only add the ones you will use.
    6. Add a picture for your ministry by hovering over the picture and choosing "Upload Picture."
    7. Click the Info tab and insert your address, hours (worship service times), phone number, website address and a little about yourself.
    8. Finish customizing your page by adding photos, filling in the text box below your photo, and adding other application tabs.
    9. Let your Facebook friends know about your page by clicking the Suggest to Friends button below your picture. Let others know by sending as an e-mail by clicking the Share button at the bottom of the page.

    Incorporating Twitter and Your Website Updates

    Facebook allows you to add applications into your page to make it easier to sync it with your other media. To do so, Edit Page, and search for applications under More Applications. Check out these detailed help documents to add your Twitter feed, blog, and other media to your page.


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